Microsoft Working on New Xbox App That Will Allow New Xbox Consoles to Stream Games on Windows


Redmond, Washington-based tech giant Microsoft is working on a new Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows PCs, which also includes access to the company’s cloud-gaming platform xCloud. The development of the new app being in the works comes courtesy of The Verge, who has also managed to get access to the latest version of the Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows. According to the report in The Verge, the app will allow Windows users to stream games from their Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X consoles, and xCloud. The version procured by the folks at The Verge is an internal beta version and hence, isn’t a fully finished product.

The new Xbox consoles can’t stream games from the console to Windows PCs currently, as this functionality is not supported on the existing Xbox Console Companion app. The new Xbox Game Streaming app will solve this and will also bring xCloud streaming to Windows PCs for the first time. The Verge also gave a brief lowdown of the features and functionality of the new Xbox app, saying that the Xbox remote play feature works similarly to the existing Console Companion and allows users to remotely wake an Xbox console, sign in, and play games wherever they are.

There is also a full touch support, allowing Surface and other touch-enabled devices to play Xbox games without having to connect a controller. The Verge report also states that Microsoft is also preparing some form of gyro support on the new Windows app as well. This function, however, doesn’t appear to be fully functional yet.

Microsoft is also reportedly preparing 1080p streams for xCloud, instead of the current 720p resolution it maxes out on. Now, it is not clear as to when the app will be rolled out for end users, but Microsoft is rumoured to be planning a “What’s new for gaming” event for next month and it is believed that the app may be unveiled during that event.

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