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Monday, November 29, 2021

Trump’s promise of a loyalty purge ensures intra-party warfare will consume GOP into 2022

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But ousting all the GOP defectors who are up in 2022 is perhaps easier said than done. As Punchbowl News points out, the real question is “whether Trump is going to have the infrastructure and, more importantly, the sustained interest in launching and facilitating primary challenges against these Republicans. That would include endorsing and most likely clearing the field for candidates in various congressional districts across the country.” In other words, the effort would take not only heat, but precision. Trump would have to be disciplined rather than just being a noxious blowhard who throws some money around.

Regardless of whether Trump is competent enough to actually oust all those lawmakers, he can certainly make a lot of trouble for at least some of them. Trump starts the endeavor with his Save America PAC, already flush with tens in millions in cash. He is also reportedly in the process of forming a super PAC that can take unlimited donations and support GOP candidates that pass his personal loyalty test.

As a counterforce, Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, who voted to convict Trump, is now forming a super PAC with his allies to support candidates who prove GOP candidates who prove willing to oppose Trump. According to The Washington Post, they also plan to launch a nonprofit aimed at building a “grass roots army” to support Republican candidates willing to buck Trump. Both groups will be able to accept unlimited donations.   

Add all this to the fact that the two Republicans leading the GOP’s 2022 efforts to regain control of Congress have declared open season on any members of their caucus who fail Trump’s loyalty test, and you’ve got a pretty rocky couple of years ahead for the GOP. 


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