3 big questions schools should ask edtech developers


Educators on Twitter know that sharing is something teachers love. If you’re a school leader, it’s likely your school is at the center of your community, with close links to parents, local groups and valuable community initiatives. Working together is the whole ethos of a school. In the daily activities of teachers with their students, collaboration and teamwork is the heart.

Extending that cooperative spirit to embrace edtech vendors is a beneficial mindset for schools. It’s a great chance for teachers to provide real-world guidance and feedback to developers, helping them to shape solutions that fulfil a real purpose and with specific functionality the school needs.

I’ve worked in edtech for nearly three decades and have held multiple voluntary roles at the school board level in the UK over the last 15 years, which gives me considerable insight into both sides of the equation. This unique perspective means I see the opportunities and obstacles for each party, but equally, can provide valuable insights for those schools and edtech companies who do choose to work together. With that in mind, here are some questions to ask when considering the benefits of working with an edtech vendor.

Do we have a clear idea of what our students and teachers need and why?

This question ties in to your school’s digital strategy, its aims, and whether being involved in a collaborative project with a vendor will achieve what is needed for your school or district. Without knowing your district or school’s aims and where the impact is needed, time invested in a partnership will be wasted.

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