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Simbo.ai launches voice-enabled API platform SimboAlpha, Health News, ET HealthWorld

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Simbo.ai launches voice-enabled API platform SimboAlphaNew Delhi: Simbo.ai on Wednesday announced the launch of SimboAlpha, its flagship cloud-based API (Application Programming Interface) technology platform, which allows electronic medical record providers, health app providers, and hospital chains to bring smart voice-based EMR to their doctors.

SimboAlpha is a voice-based doctor assistant that creates Electronic Medical Record (EMR) documentation using advanced Artificial Intelligence, said the company release. The solution is based on proprietary Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and medical Natural Language Understanding (NLU) using vast medical knowledge-base to understand the doctor and/or patient conversation, it added.

“SimboAlpha is based on Artificial Neural Networks trained on 10 million+ recordings. It supports native and all Indian English accents and it is trained on International and Indian clinical terms,” said Baljit Singh, CEO and Co-founder, Simbo.ai.

He further added, “SimboAlpha is highly accurate even in noisy environments, with 2.58% Word Error Rate (WER) and 3.16% Sentence Error Rate, this makes SimboAlpha technology as one among the best in the world.”

SimboAlpha operates in hands-free mode. It allows doctors to create electronic medical records without touching the keyboard and mouse. Doctors do not need to follow any sequence of items to be spoken. If required, doctors can dictate free notes


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