Logitech Now Offers Long-term digital education solutions for teachers and students


Since last March’s social distancing recommendation, many have had to adjust to teaching and learning over digital platforms. And even though some schools have reopened, digital learning isn’t going anywhere.To help both teachers and students excel in a digital environment, it’s essential that they have the best tools for their teaching and learning styles. As many professors and schools will be searching for long-term digital education solutions, we wanted to get some products from Logitech on your radar.

  • Zone Wired Headset
    • With headset usage in remote classrooms, 90% of teachers surveyed have said they can understand students more clearly and students can understand them more clearly. A great option to hear and be heard clearly from Logitech is Zone Wired Headset. The USB headset delivers premium audio and reliable call clarity with advanced noise-canceling mic technology.
  • BRIO Ultra HD Pro Business Webcam
    • Since the beginning of remote learning, 89% of professors surveyed claim their Logitech webcams enabled more seamless lesson delivery. To ensure teachers and pupils are able to collaborate as effectively as possible, integrate BRIO Ultra HD Pro Business Webcam.
  • Crayon for iPad
    • According to a teacher in New York’s Panama Central School District, after giving their students Logitech Crayon, the 5th and 6th graders math scores ranked #1 in western New York. The stylus allows professors to demonstrate, share and annotate students’ work naturally. 
    • With the help of RUGGED COMBO 3, students can type and create anywhere – ranging from socially distanced classes at home or in-person in the classroom. The keyboard is highly durable and spill proof, so students can ideally use it for a long time.
  • MX Anywhere 3
    • Using a mouse like MX Anywhere 3 , consumers are able to work 30% faster and 50% more precisely. MX Anywhere 3 is compact and contours to the shape of hands, so students can work more comfortably from anywhere.

For more information visit our site at https://www.logitech.com/en-us

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