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PATNA: Bihar has been complying with the World Health Organisation (WHO) norms of doctor-population ratio as it has 1.19 lakh registered practising doctors catering to the healthcare needs of 12 crore population of the state, health minister Mangal Pandey said in the legislative assembly on Friday.

He said the state has 40,100 doctors in allopathy besides 33,922 Ayurvedic and 34,257 homoeopathy doctors. The number of those doing Yunani medical practice is 5,203 and there are 6,130 dentists. As per the WHO norms, there should be one doctor for 1,000 population.

“The registered doctors of various categories together add up to 1.19 lakh for a population of 12 crore in the state,” Pandey said, adding that as many as 31,414 nurses are also deployed in various hospitals. The doctor-population ratio will improve further with the opening of the new medical, paramedical and nursing colleges in the state, he said.

Pandey was giving the government’s reply to the question put by RJD MLA Lalit Kumar Yadav.

Later, replying to the House debate on the Rs1,285.17 crore budgetary demand of his department for 2021-22, industries minister Shahnawaz Hussain Hussain appealed to the Bihari and other entrepreneurs to avail themselves of the new investment opportunities in the state, and coupled it with the promise that the government would give red-carpet welcome to them.

Hussain also noted that he would go to the airport to “personally welcome” all those investors who were willing to pump in money to set up their industries worth Rs1,000 crore and more each.

He said facilitating the establishment of industries for the creation of job opportunities was high on the agenda of the state government. “The land of existing closed sugar or other mills will be given to the investors for the production of ethanol. It will not be tied up with the production of sugar. Besides, as per the wish of CM Nitish Kumar, the land given for opening a particular industry will not be utilized for any other industry or product production,” Hussain said.

While the opposition members heard most of his speech, they, led by leader of opposition Tejashwi Prasad Yadav, walked out of the House towards the end, pointing out that Hussain had not spelt out any credible policy to entice the investors and create job opportunities.

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