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Monday, November 29, 2021

3 ways to prepare students for college and a career

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While the way students are achieving educational goals may look a little different due to the pandemic, it doesn’t eliminate its value or importance. In fact, with the way our day-to-day lives are evolving, it’s critical that students take time to evaluate how their next steps, personally and professionally, might impact the future. What’s been made clear over the past year is that how one looks for a college, how one prepares for a career and, ultimately, the importance of education all go hand in hand.

And while online education is an increasingly popular option for students, it doesn’t mean that all students are equipped with the knowledge of how to navigate this new-ish learning style and what resources to use in the process.

Here are three key insights for students to enable them to thrive, regardless of the learning environment.

Evaluate key factors when choosing a college.

Most educators want to cultivate an environment for students to flourish and to ultimately enter into the workforce successfully. The first step for many, though, is for students to find the right college and to know what to look for in an institution. There are a lot of variables that go into this decision, because some students thrive with learning in person while others thrive online. And with the past year’s circumstances, online education has skyrocketed across the country, with 93 percent of households with school-age children doing some form of e-learning. Enrollment at online institutions for both undergraduate and graduate students continues to grow.


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