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KOLKATA: With demands to set up Covid vaccination centres to properly disperse the huge crowd of senior citizens and 45+ aged persons who are coming at the private hospitals for Covid vaccine inoculation, the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation has started conducting the vaccination drive at two centers in Salt Lake along with two civic body run hospitals and four urban primary health centres in Rajarhat falling under the civic bodies jurisdiction from Friday.

The two centers in Salt Lake are the civic body run Salt Lake Matri sadan hospital in EE block and the Duttabad primary health centre. The two civic body run hospitals in Rajarhat side are the Deshbandhunagar hospital in Narayanpur and Vidyasagar Matri sadan hospital. The four urban primary health centers were Covid vaccination for senior citizens has started are, Aswininagar health centre in Baguiati, Saradapalli PHC, Kestopur PHC and Jyotinagar PHC.

Civic officials said that while inoculation are free in the urban primary health centers, senior citizens can avail the vaccine jab by paying the government determined price of Rs 250 to get inoculated at the two matri sadan another civic hospital. This service started from Friday.

While over 100 senior citizens and others aged over 45 years with comorbidities took the vaccine jab at the Duttaabad PHC, about 90 persons were inoculated at the Matri sadan hospital in EE Block.

The civic authorities have come out with a notice for people to know about the facilities. Civic officials said that senior citizens and those who are over 45 years with comorbitites can avail the facility by registering through the Co-Win App.

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