Ted Cruz slams Biden’s first weeks as ‘boring.’ Yes, and it’s wonderful


Here we go:

For the nontweeters:

Three words to describe the first weeks of the Biden administration: boring but radical.”

Aaaaand … Twitter had some thoughts …



As for the “radical” bit? Yeah, it’s not surprising that Cruz thinks anything that helps ordinary people is “radical.” But what’s really “radical”—in a decidedly non-’80s way—is ditching your home state during a massive crisis to sip blended margs on a beach with a woman your BFF implied was too ugly to be seen with.

The president is not supposed to be a show pony. He’s supposed to get things done. Things other than making me vomit Apple Jacks for three straight hours on a random Saturday morning.

Mission accomplished, Joe Biden.

After all, #BeBoring sounds a hell of a lot better than #BeBest to me.

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