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Friday, January 28, 2022

This month on How Did We Get Here? Why we need to #CancelStudentDebt

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Now hear me out, my lovely Daily Kos community: I know student debt is a hot-button issue, and I know that folks have a lot of opinions and valid points to make on the conversation — and I’m willing to have it with you! But before you rush to the comments section and tell me that student debt cancellation is your least favorite policy proposal you’ve ever heard, maybe listen to the episode?

What is How Did We Get Here? 

A weekly documentary-type conversation hosted by Cara Zelaya, How Did We Get Here? offers a thorough analysis on one specific issue every month from a progressive perspective. Each episode examines the systemic ways that our government has created a broken system, who that system disproportionately affects, and how we can counteract and move forward towards a more fair society.

You can listen to the show here:

Like I said above, this is the first part of a four-part conversation so there’s plenty more to come. If you’re interested in hearing even more, I also co-hosted The Brief with Kerry Eleveld this past week. You can read all about that here. 

I’m all about humanizing this issue to as many people as possible. Do you have a student debt story to share with us? Submit it here. 

Let’s get to talking in the comments! What do you think about the current plans being proposed around student debt cancellation? What would you like me to delve more into in the podcast? Do you hate that I’m wearing headphones? 

Let me have it! I can take it. 


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