5 tech tools and strategies for the final end-of-school push


Now that we are heading into spring, there is about one-fourth of the school year remaining. Many schools are opening or converting to hybrid, so in a push for a strong finish, it’s important for educators to keep students motivated during the final stretch.

What are some technologies and strategies to help facilitate this? I recently participated in virtual events through my local library for the Big Read celebration. There was a typical book discussion via Zoom, but then there were also several virtual participatory art projects. I noticed in all three events the facilitator used a document camera in the instruction. My husband and I have been teaching virtually this year, and even his top remote instructional tool is a doc cam. He has found it to be very useful in keeping his students engaged and in helping them “see” the information and to process it better.

Along with the doc cam, here are some of my favorite strategies and tech tools to make learning more multi-dimensional in the virtual world:

Document camera
My husband uses his in science classes to demonstrate, draw, and highlight chemicals in the periodic table and to write and record what a student is explaining. But this useful technology, which works with popular platforms like Google Meets and Zoom, can be used in any class where students benefit from seeing a teacher’s notes or drawings, or to encourage and engage students who are more visual learners. With math classes, for example, I started to use the document camera to show manipulatives so my students can follow along.

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