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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Lauren Boebert sends tots and pears to Boulder … then sends email yelling ‘HELL NO’ to gun control

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Shortly after the horrific mass shooting in Boulder, Boebert took to both her official and personal Twitter feeds to offer up the usual thoughts and prayers—er, tots and pears.

First, the personal:


Then, the official: 


Her posts went over like a lead balloon on Twitter. The best response came from Kristopher Larsen, mayor of Nederland, a town southwest of Boulder.


Lest you think Mayor Larsen and others were being too harsh, consider this is the same woman who publicly vowed to carry her Glock on the streets of Washington and in the Capitol. This is the woman who attended the virtual organizing meeting of the Natural Resources Committee with guns in the background. This is the woman who owns a restaurant in her Western Slope hometown where servers are encouraged to open carry.

And this is the woman who ended an ad calling for the Democrats to take down the Capitol fence with the audible sounds of a gunshot, another round being chambered, then another gunshot. Indeed, that ad is pinned to the top of her official Twitter profile.

But there’s even more evidence Boebert’s tots and pears were insincere as all hell. Just hours after the shooting, she sent a fundraising email full of pro-gun red meat. She reminded recipients that her stand on gun control isn’t just “no,” but “HELL NO!”

Former MSNBC and NPR reporter David Gura got a screenshot.


It’s baffling that not one person on Boebert’s campaign saw the news and concluded that maybe, just maybe this wasn’t the best message to send after a mass shooting.

Keep your tots and pears, Lauren. The victims of this horrific crime are unlikely to see much value in them.


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