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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Need advice on state-sanctioned kidnapping? Unlawfully appointed Chad Wolf opens consulting firm

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Politico’s press release report on Unlawful Chad’s new venture states that he’s super-duper excited about launching his firm, which he claims already boasts clients (Wolf declined to name them). “My passion continues to be to help [DHS] accomplish their mission, and at the same time, helping the private sector and companies or nonprofits engage with them,” Unlawful Chad told Politico. “So I really felt like that was where my interests lied right now so I wanted to explore that.”

Unlawful Chad’s “passions” while at DHS included being among the early architects of the family separation policy, NBC News reported in 2019. “As far back as December 2017, when Wolf was acting chief of staff to [then-Secretary Kirstjen] Nielsen, he sent a list of 16 options to curb the number of undocumented immigrants to Gene Hamilton, counselor to then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, for review. Number two on the list: ‘Separate family units.’” Years later, the Biden administration is attempting to reunite families separated under the piloting of what eventually turned into policy.

Maybe you’re looking into how to use your official government office in blatant politicking? Unlawful Chad’s absolutely your guy. Who can forget (okay, I actually had but only because the past administration’s shit was fucking relentless) the naturalization stunt last summer, when the previous administration at the very least violated U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services rules forbidding displays of partisanship and used a group of immigrants as human props in a ceremony staged at the White House as part of the Republican National Convention?

Unlawful Chad later claimed that he had no clue the stunt he helped carry out would be used for the political convention. He just thought he was going to the White House for a naturalization ceremony no different than the thousands of other ceremonies USCIS has done, minus, you know, the ‘taking place at the White House in front of cameras as the most anti-immigrant president in modern American history watched’ part. Totally normal.

What’s harder for Unlawful Chad to deny is how he directly used his job to benefit his boss’ reelection efforts. In the last few weeks of the 2020 presidential election, Unlawful Chad and other DHS officials brazenly behaved as a taxpayer-funded super PAC for the previous occupant of the Oval Office, holding “at least four public events in states that are closely contested in the presidential election,” watchdog group American Oversight wrote last fall to Hatch Act Unit Special Counsel Henry Kerner and DHS Inspector General Joseph V. Cuffari.

In one Arizona stop, Unlawful Chad complained about then-candidate Joe Biden without saying Biden’s name. They really do think they’re the most clever people in the world, don’t they? Then at a stop in Texas, Unlawful Chad and former acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan signed a plaque commemorating 400 miles of Trump’s stupidly expensive border fencing paid for by the U.S. taxpayer. I noted at the time that officials have commemorated the stupid fencing before. But that it happened just a handful of days before Election Day showed that this politicized DHS was going all-in to aid the previous president.

We haven’t even touched on how Unlawful Chad’s DHS sought to avoid discussing the threat of white supremacist violence out of fear of pissing off the previous president. During one speech to DHS, Unlawful Chad borrowed from that person’s racist playbook to instead attack immigrants as the real threat, with remarks that “amounted to a Trump campaign rally speech,” immigrant rights advocacy organization America’s Voice said at the time, complete with gross lies about “foreigners seeking to harm and kill Americans.”

If any of the above shit sounds at all appealing to anyone from the Biden administration, Unlawful Chad wants them to know he’s totally for hire! Unlawful Chad “said he is also open to working as a federal government contractor, although that’s not something he had in mind when setting up the firm, and it’s unlikely the Biden administration would hire his firm,” Politico reported. Ya think?

“Need advice about:-ripping children from the arms of their parents?-how to strip vulnerable people of their humanity?-incompetence that comes with a bloated ego?-white supremacy?” tweeted El Paso Rep. Veronica Escobar, whose border community has been hurt by both anti-immigrant policies and racist rhetoric directly tied to the previous president. “If so, there’s a firm ready to assist! See: @ChadFWolf.”


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