4 tips to streamline parent-teacher engagement


The COVID-19 pandemic has presented its fair share of challenges. It has also brought many new ideas to the table for the field of education. Not only have teachers rewritten history with virtual teaching, virtual engagement and new guidelines for health and safety, but they have risen to the challenge of maintaining communication with parents and guardians. As the principal at Southaven Intermediate School, I have witnessed this daily.

Most recently, we transformed a celebratory student event to make it inclusive and engage families. Here are four tips we considered to streamline parent-teacher engagement.

Tip #1: Send personalized invitations directly to students and guardians

Once every nine weeks, Southaven Intermediate School hosts an Academic Celebration to recognize students’ accomplishments – this year, this event had to be reinvented. Students were invited, but for safety guidelines we were closed to outside visitors. Students who are on the principal’s list, honor roll, or have raised their letter grades are still recognized in an assembly for their hard work, but in a way that’s safer for all involved.

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