By 2-to-1 margin, voters back $3 trillion infrastructure plan funded by taxes on rich, corporations


In a separate query on how likely voters were to support a $3 trillion infrastructure plan if it was funded by tax increases on people making more than $400,000, 57% said they would be more likely to support it while 17% said less likely, and 26% said the tax would have no impact on their support. 

if Plan is funded by raising taxes on $400,000 income earners
More likely to support 57%
Less likely to support 17%
No impact 26%

The survey asked the same question gauging likelihood of support if the infrastructure plan was funded by raising the corporate tax rate and found 47% would be more likely to support it, 21% would be less likely, and 31% said it would have no impact.

More likely to support 47%
Less likely to support 21%
No Impact 31%

The potential provisions to be included in the bill were also widely popular. Here’s a list of the provisions tested and how many respondents said they either “strongly” or “somewhat” supported their inclusion in the plan.

  • Increased housing options for low-income Americans: 70% support
  • Research on climate change: 63%
  • Extension of the child tax credit expansion: 62%
  • Free community college: 60%
  • Extension of Affordable Care Act subsidies: 59%
  • Widespread availability of electric-vehicle charging stations: 59%
  • Universal pre-K: 56%
  • Conversion of transportation sector to run on electric power: 52%
  • Reduced tuition at historically Black colleges and universities: 48%
  • Free tuition at historically Black colleges and universities: 38%

Overall, 57% of voters said they either strongly or somewhat approved of the job President Biden is doing.

A separate AP poll released Wednesday found 61% of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance. In that same poll, Biden got a 5-point bounce from last month on his handling of the economy—60% now approve following passage of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

Sign and send the petition to your members of Congress: Big, bold and green infrastructure package requires taxing the rich and corporations. We are counting on you to do so.

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