No request made by Moeen Ali to remove any logo: CSK


After reports emerged of England all-rounder Moeen Ali requesting Chennai Super Kings (CSK) management to remove a certain sponsor logo from his jersey due to his faith’s ban on alcohol, CSK CEO Kasi Vishwanathan on Monday stated that no such requests had been made. There were also reports suggesting that the Super Kings had agreed to Moeen’s request for removal of the logo.

“It was misquoted and nobody has raised that point,” Vishwanathan told the

“Not even the player and neither have we spoken about it and no request was made to remove any such logo,” he added.

Ali, who is a practising Muslim, does not sport logos of alcohol brands for his national team or any other domestic side. CSK’s jersey has the logo of a SNJ 10000, which is a Chennai-based SNJ Distilleries beer brand.

Moeen Ali, was a part of the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the previous season. However, this time he will present the men in yellow after he was bought for 7 crores.

Earlier, Ali had expressed his excitement about playing under the leadership of former India captain MS Dhoni.

“I’ve spoken to players who have played under MS and they tell me how he improves their game. I believe a great captain does that,” Moeen was quoted as saying by the CSK website.

“I think it’s something on every player’s wish list to play under MS. I think it’s the confidence and the clarity he gives people. It’s exciting,” he added.

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