Here’s why LGBTQ people and allies need to care about a tax preparer’s sign in Kentucky


Here is an image of the sign.

What to know in this ugly case? Unfortunately, the county actually does not have a Fairness Ordinance banning discrimination against LGBTQ+ people. Some states, of course, have state-wide bills that offer these protections, but none have passed the Kentucky General Assembly. According to the Journal, one protection does exist, in that you cannot discriminate based on sex under state law if the business is “supported directly or indirectly” by funds from the government.

Does this mean it’s fair or remotely progressive? Of course not. But it’s a big reminder that we need high-level, structural protections for LGBTQ people at all levels. It’s all too easy to feel that marriage equality was the beginning and end of modern queer issues in politics, but that’s far from the truth. We have an ongoing cross-country effort to push anti-trans legislation (especially targeting vulnerable trans and queer youth) as well as holes remaining in state and local protections that leave LGBTQ people in the dust.

We also must always keep in mind that LGBTQ people (and other marginalized groups) live everywhere, even if they aren’t always getting the spotlight in national conversations. The answer is never simply to “just move” to a blue city or state. Progressive work isn’t done until everyone is safe and protected. 

We must act now to urge our senators to vote “yes” to the Equality Act.

Sign and send the petition: The Senate must pass the Equality Act and stop the discrimination against LGBTQIA people.

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