The new ‘flex’ is showing off your vaccination card, Twitter says


Posted to Twitter, the video has gone viral since, with many replying to the thread with their own celebrations, photos, and congratulating Manivong.



Some even took the opportunity to joke about how they will be using the vaccine card to rule our potential dating prospects.

The poster of the tweet that went viral this week though definitely takes the cake.


But while most praised Manivong for sharing his “vaccination selfie” and encouraging others to get vaccinated, some noted the harm in sharing vaccination cards on social media. Cybersecurity experts are warning individuals not to share their vaccination cards online because the cards share personal information that online scammers can use to steal your identity or create counterfeit cards.

While it may seem obvious to block out your information before posting the card, many social media users have posted pictures of their cards without doing so. Experts have thus suggested that if you do feel the need to post your card to edit out not only your personal information but the batch number of your dose. Additionally, some suggested just saying you were vaccinated without having to post the card itself to avoid public safety threats of fake cards. Whatever the case may be and however you celebrate stay safe, and for those who have gotten their doses congratulations on being vaccinated! 

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