Congress was ‘target’ on Jan. 6; more Republican woes; more Gaetz revelations


Marching to the Capitol to block Congress from counting electoral votes was literally the premise of the event, so yeah.

In the news today: A new watchdog report finds that officials knew in advance that Congress itself was the “target” of Jan. 6 insurrectionists. The Republican Party continues to ponder retaliation against corporate critics. It’s a day that ends in “y”, and that means newly uncovered details about Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, drugs, and sex trafficking.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

Brutal watchdog report finds the Capitol Police knew ‘Congress itself is the target’ on Jan. 6

Study finds not just a peak in far-right domestic terrorism, but rising involvement of veterans

Nearly 80% of voters report getting stimulus payment; overwhelming majority say it was as expected

As hundreds of corporate heavy hitters go to bat for voting rights, another GOP alliance falters

Gaetz frantically promotes Project Veritas video to discredit reporting on his sex trafficking ties

From the community:

Court Vindicates Black Officer Fired for Stopping Colleague’s Chokehold

Hidden History: The Russian Woodpecker (No, It’s Not a Bird)

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