Has your district unified school-to-home communications?


Maintaining efficient and effective communication with students’ families is challenging in the best of times, but it’s become even more onerous—and critical—during the global pandemic.

The shift to 100 percent remote online learning tested communication capacity in districts nationwide, with many school districts turning to comprehensive communications platforms for help.

Here are three challenges that can be solved by using a unified communications platform:

  1. Too many disparate, disconnected systems. Most school districts have added school-to-home communications technology in much the same way they have acquired all technology—one program at a time. As is often the case with legacy systems, each stakeholder group has its own preferred method of communicating with students’ families. Teachers, principals, and districts themselves are using multiple systems. The results are often a mishmash that lacks a coherent approach to sending and receiving messages, leaving families with questions and concerns about what they do not know.
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