MAGA world rages after Ivanka gets the Fauci ouchie


This seemingly benign act—which, I’m old enough to recall, would have been seen as the one and only responsible adult choice 30 or so years ago—was straight-up savaged by the MAGA mob.

Now, given that at least 12 chromosomes in the Trump genome are devoted exclusively to evil, you have to give Ivanka some credit for doing the right thing. If only her “fans” agreed.


Instagram was a particular cesspool of disinformation and hate. You can click through to view the backlash in its red-hatted entirety, but here’s a representative sample.


No thank you! I have immune system for a reason.

Because of the 99.8% survival rate of a virus they’ve never identified? Anthony Fauci and Andrew Cuomo would be proud.


Hell no. Why would you post this?


Bummer. I was hoping you were above this kind of virtue signaling.


Nope. I don’t trust you people. Never had flu shots and NEVER I will give my body to experiment on me… No No No


Hell no. Quit telling perfectly healthy people to take this so called “vaccine”.



I hope you support freedom of choice for vaccines.

Yeah, they’re almost all like that. It’s astounding, really. Maybe she should have specified that she asked for the vaccine without the preinstalled copy of Windows Vista.

The Trumps now find themselves on the horns of a dilemma. One horn is that the vaccines were developed while Trump was president, and he desperately wants to take credit for them. The other is that Trump’s popularity lives and dies based on the conspiracy theories he regularly nurtures, and that’s the horn that may end up gouging not just him but his throngs of addlepated fans as well.

And there’s nothing Ivanka can do to unravel that mess now. She had numerous chances to do the “responsible” thing, and yet Donald Trump was never once locked in a closet all that time he was terrorizing us.

So thanks for getting the shot, Vanky, but this is still a big fail. 


”This guy is a natural. Sometimes I laugh so hard I cry.”  Bette Midler on author Aldous J. Pennyfarthing via Twitter. Need a thorough Trump cleanse? Thanks to Goodbye, Asshat: 101 Farewell Letters to Donald Trump, Dear F*cking Lunatic, Dear Pr*sident A**clown and Dear F*cking Moron, you can purge the Trump years from your soul sans the existential dread. Only laughs from here on out. Click those links, yo!

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