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MI vs SRH: Rashid sets up Ishan; Shankar finds no glee in wickets; Trent Boult tickles

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Mumbai Indians beat the Sunrisers Hyderabad by 13 runs in Match 9 of IPL 2021.

Kishan rushed by Rashid


‘Is that the googly? Huh, it is, but too quick and too sharp a turn. Can I get some bat on? Just about’. That could well have been the internal monologue of Ishan Kishan against the marvelous Rashid Khan. Clueless about the turn, hurried by the fizz, and hustled by the extent of the spin, Kishan did the next best thing he could think of — survival against Khan, stabbing out 6 unconvincing runs from 10 devilish balls.

However, just as he would have breathed a sigh of relief as Khan’s spell ended, Kishan ended up gloving tripe down the leg side from Mujeeb Ur Rahman to the wicketkeeper. Brian Lara had predicted it the other day; that Khan would probably not pick as many wickets this season only because the batsmen might just try to survive against him. That’s exactly how it played out. Khan was masterly; tweaking his back-of-hand rippers that not just Kishan but also the other left-hander Quinton de Kock found it difficult to decipher but both survived. Just about.

– Sriram Veera


Poker-faced Shankar


Vijay Shankar terminated arguably the two most vital Mumbai Indians’ wickets— captain Rohit Sharma and Suryakumar Yadav, when both were batting with extreme ease. Yet, Shankar barely celebrated those wickets. Alright, the two balls were nothing special, Sharma mistimed a whip to be caught in the deep while Yadav misread a staple slower ball, which stopped at him and lobbed back to the bowler. But potentially match-winning wickets, you celebrate, often instinctively. And Yadav’s wicket arrived the ball after he was caressed over extra-cover for a six.

When Rohit held out, he just wore a half-smile and applauded the fielder; but after Yadav’s wicket, he didn’t even bother to smile, even as his teammates swarmed around him. No fist-pumps, no high-fives, no stares, no smiles, as if he did not even deserve the outcome, or was sorry to end two glorious starts. As if he were indifferent to the fruits of his labour.

– Sandip G


Boult & the blues


Swimmers training on their beds for their stroke out of water, in lockdown. Or a treadmill fall scrambling desperately to grip the controls. An octopus with hind limbs caught in a hook. Or Charlie Chaplin looking to flee with coat tails jammed into the door: Trent Boult was all of that while trying to get his hands onto a ball whistling away from him to the boundary in the 5th over.

He started like Bolts tend to – almightily. Then came the tumble – Usain only has to run straight, Trent has to bend right and stop David Warner’s screamers – however mistimed. After losing his footing and flailing his arms while spread-eagled and trying to find balance, he would’ve expected some sympathy from the bowler, if not a hearty laugh about his amusement park water slide. Krunal Pandya wasn’t amused though with Warner’s shot reaching the fence and gave Boult the death stare.

– Shivani Naik


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