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99.4% of Bengaluru’s patients have no symptoms, Health News, ET HealthWorld

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99.4% of Bengaluru’s patients have no symptomsThough Bengaluru is reporting a lion’s share of covid cases in the state, there is some consolation. According to the reports, a maximum number of the asymptomatic cases in the State are also from the city. The State covid war room data shows that 99.4 per cent of Bengaluru’s covid patients are asymptomatic, while 95.9 per cent of Karnataka’s patients are asymptomatic. Uttara Kannada district had the highest number of symptomatic cases at 28.02 per cent.

Even medical journal Lancet’s covid-19 Commission India Task Force stated that most of the covid cases during the second wave were either asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic though the rate of infection was significantly higher.

A city-based doctor said that a majority of the patients he sees are asymptomatic to mildly symptomatic. A few of them who are mildly symptomatic become almost asymptomatic in just two to three days of the infection.

Another doctor said that the increasing rate of the covid cases, particularly the asymptomatic type, was making containing the spread of the virus a challenge as the asymptomatic cases do not exhibit any symptoms of the virus or exhibit very mild symptoms and can transmit the virus as much as the symptomatic patients.

‘Covid surge is self-inflicted’
A covid case analysis by Jeevan Rekha has blamed the recent resurgence of cases due to the mistakes of both the people and the government in areas of covid-appropriate behaviour and governance. “In a pandemic until a natural herd immunity is developed as well as critical mass is vaccinated in the region, cases surge and recede as a function of testing, both qualitative and quantitative. Bengaluru cannot afford to repeat the mistake; it is the question of life and death of 1.2 million people.

Due to low and slow testing Bengaluru witnessed a sharp surge in covid cases in the June-October period,” said Sanjeev Mysore, convenor of Jeevan Rekha.

Mysore said that on June 12, Bengaluru had 1,206 active cases which shot up to 64,570. In June, Bengaluru was carrying out around 2,400 average tests in a day. The government recognised the flaw and ramped up the testing. The average tests in a day increased to 17,510 in August; September (28,000), October (42,870) and November (48,820). Karnataka also recognised the flaw in Antigen Tests which had over 40 per cent false negative reports. It changed the testing strategy and favoured RT-PCR tests.

“Due to a change in the strategy and an increase in average testing per day, Bengaluru witnessed consistent receding of active cases from 18,185 on January 5 to 5,275 on February 20. In February, India and Bengaluru witnessed the least number of active cases and made a mistake of celebrating victory over covid at a subconscious level and informally the containment control mechanism. Bengaluru failed to maintain the Covid Appropriate Governance (CAG) by sharply reducing the average testing from peak of 48,820 in November to 40,401 in December, 36,448 in January, and 25,975 in February. Further, people also got deluded and ignored the need for Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CAB). This gave enough room for the virus to infect as many people as possible and raise the active cases and deaths to unprecedented levels. The cause for wave formation in a pandemic is due to poor CAB and CAG, in short it is self-inflicted disaster,” added Mysore.


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