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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

More J&J fallout; the White Supremacist caucus (dis)organizes itself

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Politico Playbook:

On day two of a massive wave of backlash, the “America First Caucus” appears to have blown up on the launchpad, as Rep. MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE (R-Ga.) released a statement Saturday distancing herself from documents revealing plans for a congressional group based around “uniquely Anglo-Saxon” traditions, and a spokesperson told CNN she wasn’t “launching anything.” 


Brian Dickerson/USA Today:

Johnson & Johnson pause: COVID vaccine skeptics must remember, fear can be fatal, too

Avoidance of airline travel after 9/11 is a cautionary tale for today’s vaccine skeptics.

Angie Rasmussen, a virologist at Georgetown University’s Center for Health Science and Security, is a member of the demographic the CDC worries might be at risk. But she isn’t second-guessing her decision to get the J&J vaccine, noting that its effectiveness in staving off COVID-19 far outweighs any risk its female recipients may face..

“One in 170,000?” Rasmussen said in a phone interview Wednesday. “I’ll take those odds any time.”

NY Times:

One America News Network Stays True to Trump

A recent OAN segment said there were “serious doubts about who’s actually president,” and another blamed “anti-Trump extremists” for the Capitol attack.

He added that he and others at OAN disagreed with much of the channel’s coverage. “The majority of people did not believe the voter fraud claims being run on the air,” Mr. Golingan said in an interview, referring to his colleagues.

He recalled seeing a photo of someone in the Capitol mob holding a flag emblazoned with the OAN logo. “I was like, OK, that’s not good,” Mr. Golingan said. “That’s what happens when people listen to us.”

Mr. Golingan, the producer, said some OAN employees had hoped Dominion would sue the channel. “A lot of people said, ‘This is insane, and maybe if they sue us, we’ll stop putting stories like this out,’” he said.

Jack Jenkins/AP:

Energized religious left vows to keep up pressure with Biden

While gearing up for the inauguration of Joe Biden, whose vice president will be a Black woman and who has already promised to expand the number of refugees next year by a factor of 10, these activists are wrestling with how to keep their momentum.

“Instead of having to be constantly reactive to whatever new horrible thing the president does, we’ll be able to start looking forward and building a society where people can thrive no matter what we look like or where we come from,” said Logan Smith, a spokesperson for the Jewish advocacy group Bend the Arc: Jewish Action.


Govind Persad and William F. Parker/WaPo:

Extending the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause for a week was a deadly mistake

At its meeting, ACIP analyzed vaccine side effects with admirable transparency. But there was no rigorous analysis of the risks of not being vaccinated. Rather, ACIP insisted that because “alternative covid-19 vaccines (mRNA vaccines) are available,” the tradeoffs are inconsequential. This shows a profound disconnect with the reality many Americans face.


‘I doubt very seriously if they just cancel’ paused J&J vaccine, Fauci says

He said he expects the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will return, though possibly with restrictions or warnings.

Asked in interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” whether it’s more likely the vaccine will still be used with some restriction or not used at all, Fauci stressed that “everything is on the table” but estimated the vaccine won’t just be shelved after federal agencies called for a pause in its use last week.

“I can give you my estimate. My estimate is that we will continue to use it in some form,” Fauci said. “I doubt very seriously if they just cancel it. I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

“I do think that there will likely be some sort of warning or restriction or risk assessment. I don’t think it’s just going to go back and say, ‘OK, everything’s fine,’ and go right back,” he added. “I think it’ll likely say, ‘OK, we’re going to use it. But be careful under these certain circumstances.'”

David Leonhardt/NY Times:

Why do so many vaccinated people remain fearful? Listen to the professor’s story.

To take just one example, major media outlets trumpeted new government data last week showing that 5,800 fully vaccinated Americans had contracted Covid. That may sound like a big number, but it indicates that a vaccinated person’s chances of getting Covid are about one in 11,000. The chances of a getting a version any worse than a common cold are even more remote.

But they are not zero. And they will not be zero anytime in the foreseeable future. Victory over Covid will not involve its elimination. Victory will instead mean turning it into the sort of danger that plane crashes or shark attacks present — too small to be worth reordering our lives.

That is what the vaccines do. 


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