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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Nandan Nilekani, Health News, ET HealthWorld

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India can scale vaccination for up to 5-10 million people: Nandan NilekaniIndia can scale up to vaccinate 5-10 million people against Covid-19 if the country adopts a streamlined approach of over 50,000 vaccination points, said Infosys Chairman Nandan Nilekani on Tuesday, welcoming the government’s move to open up vaccination to people over 18 years old in the country beginning May 1.

“Obviously we need vaccines and people to give the vaccines but the digital backbone is very important,” Nilekani said in an interaction with Microsoft India President Anant Maheshwari on the role that technology will play in shaping India’s next decade.

Nilekani, who laid out a roadmap nine months ago to build a scalable digital infrastructure to ensure that most people are vaccinated, said the country is already doing 2-3 million vaccinations a day.

“We are the only country in the world where everybody gets a digital certificate for vaccination immediately, it can be printed; can be kept in a digital locker and you can authenticate offline and online,” said Nilekani.

He credited Ram Sewak Sharma, CEO of National Health Authority for the technological enhancement done to ensure that the vaccination process is accounted across the country.

Nilekani said Face vaccination will be used for the vaccination drive and not facial recognition.

“Face authentication is where your photo will be compared when you give your Aadhaar data, much like the OTP authentication. It will help in accelerating vaccination. Facial recognition is scanning a database to look for a person. No such thing is contemplated,” he said.

India, Nilekani said, will see the democratisation of loans to a large number of small businesses through the account aggregator system it has built.

“11 million small businesses are on GST today, they file GST and they can use the consent manager and use its data and all that data comes encrypted and it comes to one or more lenders. Those lenders will look at the data and decide (to give the best rates),” he said. “The account aggregator system gives the ability to democratise loans to a large number of small businesses. They get their own data from different sources and millions of loans based on their invoices and business volume can be issued. It will be the very inclusive type of loan.”


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