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How physical stress impacts you and your classroom

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Being a teacher was already one of the most stressful occupations in America, even before the COVID-19 pandemic triggered widespread classroom changes and sudden shifts in teaching modalities. The impacts of physical stress in the classroom are widespread and have ramifications that stretch far beyond the classroom.

Educators, along with school administrators, must invest time in social-emotional learning and stress management. Following is some helpful information that can help educators learn about the impact physical stress has on their classrooms.

How stress impacts educators and the classroom

When you build and strengthen your resilience to stress, you’re better equipped to handle the challenges, obstacles, and other stressful scenarios you may face in your personal or professional life. This doesn’t just lead to a happier, more peaceful life. It also correlates with significant, measurable outcomes in your classroom.

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University studied the consequences of teacher stress. The 2016 study found that when teachers are highly stressed, it often leads to:

  • Lower levels of academic performance for students;
  • Lower levels of social adjustment for students; and
  • And lower continuity for students and parents.

But the negative effects of stress amongst educators weren’t just limited to the classroom.

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