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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Polling shows Trump’s war on voting has taken hold among his cultists

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Another victim of Trump’s charade—support for automatically registering people to vote—slumped 11 points among Republicans since 2018 to 38%, but it still enjoys strong 61% majority support.

One practice favored overwhelming by members of both parties was requiring voting machines to print paper backups of ballots to produce a paper trail—86% of Republicans favored it while 81% of Democrats also did. But overall, most measures to expand voting access were broadly favored by Democrats while garnering much less support from Republicans.

Total Republican Democrat
Automatic registration 61% 38% 82%
Restored Voting for Felons who served their time 70% 55% 84%
Requiring Early in-person voting for at least Two weeks 78% 63% 91%
making election day a national holiday 68% 59% 78%
requiring paper ballot trails for electronic machines 82% 86% 81%
requiring all voters to show gov’t-issued photo IDs 76% 93% 61%
removing voters from registration lists who haven’t recently voted or confirmed registration 46% 68% 27%

It’s worth noting that many of the provisions included in the For the People Act, Democrats’ bold voting rights bill that has cleared the House, still enjoy strong majority support, including automatic registration, allowing felons who have served their time to vote, requiring early-in person voting access for at least two weeks, making Election Day a national holiday, and requiring a paper trail for electronic voting machines.

The bill would also restrict some GOP-backed provisions, such as voter purges, that are not broadly supported by Americans overall. 


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