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Thursday, January 20, 2022

4 ways our district finds educational opportunities during the pandemic

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The pandemic has created plenty of seemingly insurmountable challenges, but it has also presented amazing opportunities for school districts. Maybe the opportunity is the chance (or the necessity!) to try new tools that may have been too risky or training-intensive in more normal times. Maybe it’s an attitude of goodwill and mutual aid that strengthens relationships among district stakeholders. Maybe it’s a big injection of funding from the CARES Act that will let you make long-needed purchases or investments in your district that previously felt out of reach.

Whatever the case, the post-COVID world is going to be different. The good news is that the world to come, especially in your own school district, has not been determined yet, and we have the opportunity to put our stamp on it before it ever arrives.

Here’s how we’ve been taking advantage of opportunities at Marion County School District to keep students on track as much as possible throughout the pandemic, along with a few ideas about how we’ll do things differently in the post-COVID world.

Encouraging flexibility

I have to give our teachers credit for their incredible resourcefulness. They have tracked down so many tools, trainings, and other resources to make sure they’re doing the best they can for our students in these difficult times. One of my favorite examples is a set of resources they created themselves.

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