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People who get Covid between shots can get second vax dose after 2 months, Health News, ET HealthWorld

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Nagpur: People who get Covid between shots can get second vax dose after 2 monthsNagpur: Some people have been diagnosed with Covid-19 after receiving their first shot of the vaccine and before receiving their second shot. Such people should first recover from Covid-19 and then wait for at least 8 weeks before taking the second dose, said experts.

While the number of people testing positive after first dose is very less, the same is significantly high in the second wave, especially in Vidarbha. Many people who have taken first shot are testing positive before the due date of second shot. It is very much possible as vaccination is not protection from the infection, but protection from severe disease.

“One should wait for two months, after 14 days of isolation from time of first symptoms, to get the second jab,” said Dr Nitin Shinde, infectious disease specialist. “Vaccines protect against moderate or severe disease and hospitalisation. Most such mid-way infections are mild,” said Dr Shinde.

According to him, the Covid-19 standard cycle is of 14 days. So, one should wait for two months after the completion of 14 days to get second jab of vaccine.

At present, there are two vaccines available in India and both have different time frame between first and second jab. For Covaxin, second jab is to be taken 28 days after first while for Covishield, it is advisable to wait up to 8 weeks for the second jab. The chances of getting infected in between are always there.

“As 18+ citizens start getting vaccines from May 1, it’s always possible that some youths, who behave irresponsibly after taking vaccine may get infected before second jab,” said Dr Anjali Agrawal. “We must tell such people that they have to wait for more than 75 days for their second jab, after which they will be considered as fully vaccinated,” she added.

Fully vaccinated certificate could become a necessary document soon for travels and job purposes. So, it would be better for 18+ youths to strictly follow Covid appropriate behaviour after first dose and avoid getting infected in between, said the experts.

Doctors also said there are chances of people getting infected even after second dose too. “But, this infection will be very mild and recovery is assured,” said Dr Agrawal.


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