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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Most Americans express more concern about ensuring access to voting—except for Republicans

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Overall, that translates to 58% of Americans prioritizing the protection of voting right, while just 38% focus on rooting out potential fraud. But the lopsided nature of the partisan split between Republicans and the rest of America is just one more data point demonstrating that GOP voters are living in a different world from everyone else. 

Bar graph showing that while 58% of voters overall prioritize voting rights/access over making sure ineligible people don

The partisan divide is a direct result of Donald Trump’s mental inability to accept the fact that he lost fair and square, followed by his rampant perpetuation of the myth that the 2020 election was somehow stolen from him. GOP lawmakers helped out by supporting that baseless lie and mostly voting against certification of an election that was scrutinized in more than 60 trips to the courthouse and found to be completely and totally sound. Trump and his crackerjack attorneys failed to turn up a single instance of fraud. You lost, buddy, get over it. Russia couldn’t rig the 2020 election enough to push you over the top after you helped ensure U.S. deaths due to the pandemic would soar well over half a million. Turns out people like to live and aren’t super excited about life being stolen from them by their leader’s unfailing incompetence. Go figure.

Anyway, the Republican voter disreality bubble turned up again when the survey asked about voters’ confidence in their state to administer fair elections. Overall, 74% of respondents expressed confidence in their state, including 88% of Democrats who live in states Biden won, and 80% of Democrats who live in states Trump won. But when it came to Republicans who live in Biden states, just 39% of them said they trusted their state to hold fair elections, while 60% said they didn’t.

Again, your guy lost, get over it.


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