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Transmission rate high, over 3,700 cases in 24 hrs, Health News, ET HealthWorld

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Covid-19 in UP: Transmission rate high, over 3,700 cases in 24 hrsLUCKNOW: The number of new Covid-19 cases declined on Wednesday as compared to Tuesday’s figures, but the transmission rate continued to remain high.

In fact, the 3,759 new infections in the last 24 hours took April’s tally to 1.1 lakh, which means every 47th person in Lucknow district, which has an estimated population of around 51.7 lakh, was infected by the novel coronavirus in 28 days of this month so far.

This provides a glimpse of the exponential transmission rate of infection in the second wave that is currently lashing the state capital.

The second wave has also been deadly. The death toll in April mounted to 518 with 13 more patients losing lives in the last 24 hours. This means that over 30% of the Covid-19 deaths in the city, or every third death, during the entire 14 months pandemic so far, have taken place in April.

However, what brought some respite was that Wednesday’s casualties were also less than Tuesday’s 39.

Another sign of encouragement was that the number of recoveries continued to be more than the new infections for the seventh day in a row.

While 6,214 patients recovered on Wednesday, overall 66,816 – about 60% of the total infections this month – have recovered in April so far.

As a result, the number of patients with active infection status that has gone above 55,000 last week, came down to 46,596 on Wednesday.

‘Some areas may be moving towards herd immunity’

There is no need to panic with the high number of infections, because numbers suggest that some areas of the city are heading towards herd immunity, according to experts. This means that the transmission curve is on the decline and might flatten by the second week of May, they added. “One lakh recorded cases means about 2% of the population has been affected.

There might be multiple times more unrecorded asymptomatic cases or those with mild symptoms who got infected and cured without even knowing about it. Such a situation creates herd immunity in areas with high incidence because the virus does not get more hosts to move forward and thus the chain is broken,” said an expert, who did not wish to be named.

In another good news, 7,739 more people were vaccinated against Covid-19 on Wednesday, which will also contribute to developing herd immunity. The beneficiaries included 7,200 senior citizens and people aged between 45-59 years.

No. of patients in hosps goes up

Despite drop in cases and deaths, the worrying factor for doctors was that the number of patients in hospitals have increased. In comparison to 4,709 patients in the 72 Covid hospitals on Tuesday, the figure on Wednesday was 4,812, as per the hospital status reports. This means, the recovery rate of hospitalised patients is less than new cases who need hospital care.

Condition of over 3,000 patients was serious. Of the total 2,826 isolation beds for mild cases, 988 (35%) were vacant on Wednesday morning, while of 2,170 HDUs for serious cases, 227 (10%) were available and of 1,161 ICUs, only 50 (4%) were vacant. Clearly, the pressure was more on critical care.


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