Yet another Turning Point USA grifter is linked to brazen white supremacism


It’s the second to last thing that’s coming up again today. Turning Point USA advisory council member Rip McIntosh is under fire for publishing an unapologetically white supremacist essay in his would-be “personal newsletter,” a newsletter that included Turning Point’s own logo and fundraising pitch.

As reported by Talking Points Memo, the essay was an anonymously written screed bellowing that Black people are “socially incompatible with other races” and that the “experiment” to see if Black people could be civilized through slavery had failed. Not exactly subtle stuff. And it’s very far from the first time Turning Point USA has had to distance itself from Klan-level white nationalism, white supremacy, antisemitism, and other sludge promoted by its top members. (TPM goes into at some length on that; we won’t repeat the details here.)

Where we’re at now, then, is Turning Point USA again refusing comment on a top figure sending out fundraising pitches attached to arguments for racist purge, the racist in question again himself blubbering that he’s only lettin’ folks ask questions, and so on. If it were an Onion article, it would be something like “How does our fascist propaganda outlet keep attracting all these Nazis?”

How are we supposed to react to this news? Eh. It’s been blatantly obvious for a good long time that Turning Point USA is an explicitly fascist organization, and one that has long been cozy with the sort of white nationalist blubberers who have long tried to turn the stuff of neo-Nazi and militia rantings into mainstream conservatism. The organization only exists in its current state as publicity campaign for Trumpism, and the sort of Trumpism that revels in saying the most asinine possible things with what passes for a straight face.

It might be helpful if major news outlets were more consistent in describing to audiences just what the grifting group is. It’s a troll farm. That’s all it is. Conservative money goes in, and false but politically useful propaganda comes out. Conservative racists are gathered in, and apologia for white supremacy comes out.

So, ya know, maybe steer clear of asking them to weigh in on … anything. Ever.

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